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How to Decorate Your Living Room

How to Decorate Your Living Room

Contemporary canvas art can be intelligently teamed with your decor and furniture to add life to your dull and bland rooms. Bare walls may wear a boring look. Instead, the right kind of painting or art piece can really make things look urbane, inspiring, visually appealing and even morale-boosting. But choosing any art work may not go well with your furnishing and general decor style. It is important to invest in the right kind of modern abstract art paintings.

The first step towards this direction is to get your colors right. Ideally, you may settle for one neutral color and one bold color. For instance, if your wall color is neutral or light, it is likely to look excellent with an art object of bold color.

In this regard, you should note that every room style will be different. You do not necessarily have to limit your color coordination to just two or three colors. You are free to play with multiple colors, provided they fit into your room and with your furnishing.

Spacing your modern abstract artworks should also be done intellectually. You can buy a painting in any size you desire. The empty space can be filled with more paintings so that your wall is actually a cluster of different but coherent hand-painted art paintings. Alternately, you may choose to buy a larger painting and put the entire focus over the single piece of art. Cramping should be avoided unless it works with you. Also, try to install special focus lights in order to throw light on the art piece.

If you are settling for multiple paintings or modern wall art sculptures, do not make a potpourri of multiple themes. For instance, a mixture of portrait, landscape and abstract painting is not usually preferable. It is ideal to hand a set of portraits or a set of landscape and seascapes or a set of abstract artworks.

Though, these are the universally applicable rules for decorative art paintings, you should never stick to any rule or mantra unless you can relate to it. Every individual is different and has an individualistic taste. You need to be true to yourself and rely on your instincts and your sense of judgment more than anything else.

Modern abstract art paintings offer you an array of art pieces and paintings to choose from. With time, you will learn to create magic out of them into your humble little space.

Original Oil Paintings

Original Oil Paintings


Are you looking for artwork to put in you business or home? Try looking for original oil paintings for sale. They may add beauty, color, style, quality, and originality to your home or office.

Original oil paintings set may come in contemporary, impressionism, art nouveau, abstract, still life as well as many other styles. One may find paintings of landscapes, seascapes, religious figures, sports, patriotic symbols, flowers, nature and a plethora of other options to choose from. They can be full of color and design, and can be found to match any type and style of decor that you may have.

Maybe what you desire is a portrait painted of yourself or your family. If you have an idea of your own, you can share it with an artist for hire, and he might be able to paint your idea for you.

There are also businesses where you can send in a photo that you would like to have painted, and they will paint the picture in the photo for a negotiated or set price. Typically, prices can be negotiated.

You do not have to settle for one specific size. You can find them to cover large or small areas. It can be put onto different sizes of canvas in order to suit your taste.

Original oil paintings can come from many different sources. Sometimes they are sold at auctions. If you can locate an artist, there is a possibility that they will sell their artwork directly to you. Usually it is more convenient to go through a gallery or an art dealer. Some museums will offer originals for sale. Do you desire artwork that looks nice but not quite museum or gallery quality? If so, then online stores and different department stores offer selections at discounted prices.

A budget for what you can afford should be made. The prices of the painting depend on many factors. Some of which include the age, style, location of purchase and the artist of the artwork. Old paintings that were done by well-known artists may be costly. Artists just starting out or commercial artists may not charge as much for their pieces.

Tri Panel paintings are a style of work where one piece of art is painted onto three separate panels. It is may be a creative way to make a statement to your friends and family. They might be affordable to your budget.

Bob Ross is an artist from the television show the Joy of Painting; he painted many works that are now available to buy. He used a technique called wet-on-wet. This is where the artist builds on top of wet paint with additional layers of wet paint in order to complete the painting. The out come of the work is original and detailed. Keep in mind that his work may be a little pricey because of his talent and fame. Usually well-known artists are going to be high in price and let us just face the fact that not everyone can afford to buy an original Monet, Picasso, or Jackson Pollock.

How to Select an Oil Painting

How to Select an Oil Painting

Art painting collections are more and more popular to people all over the world. Original oil paintings have never lost their preeminent position as a prized possession for any art collector. More and more people like to choose the prefect canvas painting for home decorations. It is grace and fashion. But how does one select a good quality oil paintings online?

Online art galleries are everywhere, fake paintings are everywhere as well. To save yourself from over paying, it is important to choose a reliable online art gallery that has adequate credentials and testimonials. Then you need to choose the oil painting according to the following tips:

1. Decide in which room and on which wall you wish to hang the oil painting.

2. For a room with minimalist furniture, go for something bright. For a heavily furnished room, choose something light with a simple design. Also keep in mind the color of the wall.

3. You can also decide upon the subject depending upon the character and decorate of your room. For instance, a spacious living room with an adequate floor area and wide walls done in pastel shades would look classy with an expansive landscape. For your study which is lined with bookshelves with not too much empty wall space, you can pick an interesting still life or portrait and so on

4. Decide whether you want to buy an oil painting of a particular genre or a particular piece by a certain artist

5. Decide on the material of the painting. Make up your mind whether you want to have an oil painting done on canvas or on paper and browse the online art galleries accordingly

6. Measure and note down the approximate size of the space where you have decided to hang the painting.

7. Browse the gallery and check the paintings in their largest size to get an idea of the actual size.

8. Keep the resolution of your computer screen at the maximum setting when checking out oil paintings in an online art gallery.

9. Fix your budget. It will help you save time and target the paintings which fit into your budget.

10. Determine whether you want to buy framed artwork or unframed. For unframed paintings, shipping charges are relatively lower.

11. Read the policy documents such as privacy policy and terms and conditions of the online art gallery carefully. Check out the shipping rates, insurance and the return and refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the oil painting.

12. Check out the payment options and which credit cards and debit cards the online art gallery accepts. Check how long the shipping would take.