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Oil Painting for Beginners

Oil Painting for Beginners


If you are thinking of starting your own canvas, then presumably you are of an artistic bent of mind, with “finer” sensibilities. It would help if you had a basic background in drawing. This is important, as drawing is the base on which most fine art functions. It helps in making the hand steady, and gives symmetry and beauty to your work of art.

The first step to beginning an oil painting is to purchase a canvas, which is available at any art supply store. Make sure the size is not too big to start with: a half metre by half metre size should be good for your first project. Of course, this is entirely your own choice. If you are confident that your first attempt will be worth framing and putting up, go for a bigger size canvas. Canvases are available as mounted on wooden frames or are available on a flat stretched board. I would advise against buying canvas material and preparing the surface yourself, as this is a time-consuming exercise.

Also on the list of must-haves is a set of oil paints (available in tubes), brushes comprising mostly flat brushes: sizes 12, 8, 6; round brushes of sizes 1, 0, 00 and 000 (single, double and triple zero sizes). You will need linseed oil as the medium for your oil painting, and turpentine to clean your brushes. Keep a handy rag by your side, to wipe excess paint and oil spillages.

Place your canvas on a easel or a flat table. Take care to have some old newspaper at hand; oil painting can be a messy affair, especially for those who are new to the field. Start your drawing on the canvas with a normal pencil. Pencil marks do not rub out easily, so make sure that your lines are more or less perfect at the start. The subject of your drawing may be something abstract, original, or of a painting that you liked and would like to possess yourself.

The first thing to do before you begin actually painting is, to spread a colour palette before yourself. Take a bit of white, blue, and the rest of the shades from your box. This way you will be able to use colours freely. Begin by squinting at the painting you are copying from. Try blocking out the main colours that you see, and fill in those colours with a free hand. At this point, do not worry about the finer aspects of the painting. After the first layer of colour, it is acceptable to leave the painting to dry out. If you still want to go ahead, then take care and continue. Each layer that you do of the painting will enhance it. As oil painting has a greater advantage over water colours in that you may take your own time over it, and do it over a period of time, plus, you can modify any mistake easily.

A great fact about art is that one need not worry about the “results” of your artistic endeavour. Painting brings out the creative side of you, so unless you are aiming at an extremely realistic painting, like a portrait or an animal close-up, then do not worry about what the world will have to say about your work. Try out different genres: still life, abstract, flowers, landscapes, etc. Over time, you will discover your confidence level rising and your paintings getting better and better. The main thing to possess is perseverance and patience. No one is born a great master. Even the Great Masters had to struggle over long periods of time to get to where they are placed today.

As your painting progresses, you will keep noticing new details, and this will add to the depth of your work. Keep the linseed usage as low as you can: as a rule, the use of linseed oil will increase as the lines keep getting finer. Do remember to wash your brushes well after use, or else they will become brittle and unusable.

It is not impossible to become a good, self-taught artist. Do try to take out time to develop this wonderful hobby. The rewards are immeasurable, and give pleasure beyond words.

Oil Paint Set

Oil Paint Set

In this stressful world, a hobby is almost a necessity. A hobby helps us relax and get our minds off of things. So what hobby can you pick up? In choosing a hobby, you have to make sure that you’re going to enjoy it. After all, you’re using your free time in order to do it. If you’re not having fun, then you’ll end up more stressed than ever before.

This is why a lot of people have been taking up oil painting. Oil painting, or any painting for that matter, is fun. Admit it. There was at least one instance in your life when you imagined yourself in your own little sanctuary painting a masterpiece. However, a lot of people snap back to reality when they realize that oil painting can be hard. You don’t even know what oil paint set to buy.

That’s another consideration that you should look at. Do you have what it takes in order to start the hobby that you’re looking at? Remember, it can be very frustrating if you bought a lot of things for your new hobby only to find out that it’s really hard. So you end up storing the things in the basement to gather dust.

Oil painting can be hard for some people. But who cares if you’re having a lot of fun? It’s not as if you’re looking to do this professionally. You just want to do something fun to relieve your mind and body of the stress that you’ve accumulated throughout the week. An hour or two a day spent oil painting can do wonders for you. If you’re not creating anything worthy to be called a masterpiece, just say that it’s an abstract painting.

Besides, it’s easy to learn and master oil painting. With the right oil paint set and a little practice, you can easily develop the skills needed in order to be a good painter. As long as you’re having fun, you’ll spend a lot of hours practicing until you get it right. Just remember to have the right tools so you can realize your potentials.

So what should you look for in a set? You can start with the basics. A good set has to have its own box or bag to make sure that everything is in order. Obviously, it should have a few tubes of oil paint. You can start with a set of 12 tubes. Of course, there should also be a few brushes so you can start working your magic. A palette knife is also included. Additional things are good bonuses.

From Where to Buy Art for Sale Including Oil

From Where to Buy Art for Sale Including Oil

If you are interested to buy art for sale, which is original, then it is advisable to get an idea of the different types of paintings that are available such as oil, acrylic paintings since how the it is created is what makes it different and unique from other ones.

For those who want to buy art for sale such as oil paintings, let us go through some features of it, which make them special. These paintings come in different forms such as impressionism, abstract, nouveau, still life, contemporary and other similar forms & styles. You can easily find an oil painting that covers topics such as seascape, religion, landscapes, sports, nature & many other such topics. These paintings are normally full of design & color and you can buy art of this form to match any style or type of decor.

To buy oil paintings you can use several sources apart from online art galleries such as auctions where such paintings are sold, you can also directly purchase an oil painting from artists. In addition to it you can also contact art galleries in your region or art dealer who sell oil paintings. There are some museums, which sell original paintings, which you can contact.

It is also important for you to know the factors that are used to fix the price of a painting. Some of these factors include the age of the painting, the artist who made it, the style used for painting & the location from where you are purchasing it. Oil paintings from well-known artist are going to cost a lot while paintings made by new artist will cost you comparatively less.

Buy art for sale from online vendors when you are certain that you will get them at right price and that the online gallery is reputed. Read through their terms and conditions to know the legal clauses they have with regards to the items that are listed as art for sale. By following these tips you will be assured to getting the best deal.

How to Use Oil Paint Correctly

How to Use Oil Paint Correctly

Many famous artists prefer to use oil paint as their medium. The reason being an oil painting as a finished product has a rich, natural and wholesome texture that also lasts a long time if you maintain it well. It is not difficult and gives you time to do your painting well slowly. The color mixing can be exceptionally well done and effective.

To use oil paint as your medium begin with collecting all the equipments together. You need various colors of paints, different sizes of brushes, turpentine or any other paint solvent, stretch canvas, palette and waste cloth for cleaning brushes and one for your hand and a work area with lots of light.

To start draw lightly the theme or image you are going to coloring. Of course this is an option but I have definitely seen many artists benefiting by starting with a basic drawing on the canvas since this will give you a direction. You can use a very light pencil which will not show through the paint or as an alternate make a basic drawing on another paper to get your thoughts in picture form.

The following step is to give a thin wash of all the colors in its specific places. A thin wash is done with long paint and long paint is made by diluting the required color with turpentine or any other solvent. Make sure you use white only where the painting is going to be white.

A finished painting product will have layers of paint. So, followed up with darker layers of painting until you achieve the desired color and texture. As you proceed the dilution of paint can reduce and for intricate painting in of details you can use thick paint or very lightly diluted paint depending on the detail. The best thing about oil paint is that it does not dry up fast and gives you enough time to do the detailed finishes well. And remember to wait for the paint to dry if you do not want to mix colors like when using black for coloring eyes, hair and etc. At the same time, you don’t have to wait until the paint is completely dry since the color of the nose and face needs to blend a little.