Decorating With Oil Paintings

Decorating With Oil Paintings

Decorating your home with oil paintings can be a fun way to add a splash of color to a room that demonstrates an individual artistic flare as well as a healthy interest in the arts. Even better, an oil painting will never date (unlike that hideous polka dot rug…) – and in some cases will even become better with age like a fine wine. For this reason, depending on the piece, purchasing artwork can even make a great investment that could fetch you a healthy price online at a later date.

Choosing exactly which oil paintings are right for however can be fairly difficult and the wrong choice can stand out like a sore thumb. The idea here again is to go things that won’t date, as well as things that say something about you personally. And of course they have to match with your colour scheme.

Fortunately there are a couple of options you can be sure won’t date. Ironically one of the best ways is to pick artwork that’s already dated. The reason this works is that people will (hopefully) know that it was dated when you bought it, meaning that you consciously decided on it rather than just failing to keep up with the times. Picking something retro or geek-chic can even be ironic in this sense, and getting an oil painting of a Star Wars character or Nightrider can be great for someone young and a bit alternative. In the same way paintings of anything or anyone iconic, such as Mohamed Ali, Elvis or Marilyn Munroe can give your room a hint of character and a spot of retro chic.

Of course this won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you go further back you’ll start getting into more classic territory. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be unable to afford an original piece of old artwork, getting reproductions of your favourite well-known oil paintings can make a mature and cultured centre piece for your dining room.

If you want something that will draw less attention to itself however then a landscape can make a much more subtle addition to your walls and can also make the room feel more spacious. Though these are more ‘standard’ you can still choose something that reflects your personality as well as the ‘temperature’ of the room. If you have lots of mahogany for example you might choose an autumn scene, whereas a brighter more modern room might benefit from a beach with a palm tree.

Another option that demands less attention but won’t be to everyone’s tastes is to choose something abstract. This can be modern art or just attractive shapes and again the secret is to go for a design that appeals to you personally and fits the tone of the room. Some abstract art can be a little surreal and edgy however which may not be appropriate for more relaxing rooms unless you want to psyche out your guests.

So there are countless options when picking oil paintings and each can offer something different to the decor; it’s just picking the right one for you and your room.

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