How to Use Oil Paint Correctly

How to Use Oil Paint Correctly

Many famous artists prefer to use oil paint as their medium. The reason being an oil painting as a finished product has a rich, natural and wholesome texture that also lasts a long time if you maintain it well. It is not difficult and gives you time to do your painting well slowly. The color mixing can be exceptionally well done and effective.

To use oil paint as your medium begin with collecting all the equipments together. You need various colors of paints, different sizes of brushes, turpentine or any other paint solvent, stretch canvas, palette and waste cloth for cleaning brushes and one for your hand and a work area with lots of light.

To start draw lightly the theme or image you are going to coloring. Of course this is an option but I have definitely seen many artists benefiting by starting with a basic drawing on the canvas since this will give you a direction. You can use a very light pencil which will not show through the paint or as an alternate make a basic drawing on another paper to get your thoughts in picture form.

The following step is to give a thin wash of all the colors in its specific places. A thin wash is done with long paint and long paint is made by diluting the required color with turpentine or any other solvent. Make sure you use white only where the painting is going to be white.

A finished painting product will have layers of paint. So, followed up with darker layers of painting until you achieve the desired color and texture. As you proceed the dilution of paint can reduce and for intricate painting in of details you can use thick paint or very lightly diluted paint depending on the detail. The best thing about oil paint is that it does not dry up fast and gives you enough time to do the detailed finishes well. And remember to wait for the paint to dry if you do not want to mix colors like when using black for coloring eyes, hair and etc. At the same time, you don’t have to wait until the paint is completely dry since the color of the nose and face needs to blend a little.

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